Friday, September 23, 2016

#1 Everything Salad

Wren struggled to open the door of the Victorian building, only managing to awkwardly jam her elbow into the long, gold door handles to pull it open. She was in a rush, so she didn't have time to enjoy the sunset and the unusual beautiful day, entering with a boost of her bags and a sigh. "Stupid new job, stupid new boss, stupid new deadlines." To her, it all seemed never ending.  Wren had only been in this unpleasant excuse for a city for two months and she was already questioning why she moved here.

Just after slipping through the doors, the bags to her groceries broke, spilling the contents of her latest trip onto the floor.  "Great. You couldn't have just held up until the fourth floor."   She thought to the bags while looking around at her freshly made everything salad.  Tomatoes squashed, apples bruised, and the non-fat Greek yogurt splattered all over the lobby floor. Plus she had gotten a spot of red wine on her brand new creme, suede booties. While examining the mess and how she would even begin to clean it up she heard it, the loud pop, then complete darkness.

"Spectacular.  How am I supposed to clean this up in the dark? I barely know where anything is in the light." she thought.  She started walking towards what she thought was the mess, but before she could even pick up the ripped paper bag, Wren was on the floor.  She slipped on her yogurt and the last thing she remembered was how much she didn't even like yogurt, wondering why she got blueberry flavor, and where the heck was the front desk guy.