Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rotten Mayonnaise

Wren had probably knocked on every door from here to the sixth floor.  She swallowed a wave a nausea as her fist went up to the door of apartment #607. Wren could smell the acrylic paint from the hall and did he best not to gag at the smell coming from the apartment when Autumn opened the door.

"Hey. I'm Wren. I don't know if you remember me. We met a couple of weeks ago when I had just moved in. Look, I'm out of water and I really need some.  Would you happen to have a two or three bottles to spare?"

"I.. Uhh. Yes.." Autumn slowly opened the door and Wren stepped inside immediately slapped in the face by the unmistakable stench of mayonnaise, "Its just in the other room.  I always a stock in case of emergencies. Especially since my aunt...." Autumn trailed off and went into the other room.  Wren looked around.  Paintings lined the wall, and she can only guess that Autumn was the artist of the house.  She bent down to pet the underweight kitten as Autumn reentered the room.

"Thank you so much, you are a literal life saver." Wren said taking to bottles into her hand, "This baby has been sucking me dry and I really needed something to drink." She motioned down at the small bump her stomach now was and looked back up to Autumn. "If you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to knock on my door. I'm apartment #409."  Wren took a scratch sheet of paper and wrote her name and number on it. Autumn took it slowly as Wren started walking towards the door.

"By the way, that mayonnaise is probably rotten." And with that Wren spun around and shut the door.  Autumn walked over to the mayonnaise sitting on the counter, took a sniff, and sure enough it had gone bad.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Here's to Shit Bosses

It was dark in Wren's fourth floor apartment.  It had only been a week since her accident and she still felt a bad as ever. With a bandage wrapped around her forehead she sat up ever so slightly to sip her sleepy time herbal tea.  She looked around her apartment which was normally clean as a whistle, with her stainless steel, state of the art kitchen, and furniture bought straight from the cover of a magazine. Everything seemed to be set up as if staged for a show.  But now, after a week of being on bed rest, her kitchen was filled with dirty pots and pans, and the living room was now essentially her bedroom because it was much closer to the bathroom.

She leaned back on her sleek grey couch that she was much to big for and closed her eyes.  For a moment she forgot where she was, she forgot about her concussion, and she forgot about the situation she has found herself in.  All this was interrupt with a loud knock on her wooden door, and the pulse that came with a growing headache.  "Go away," she managed to shout.

"Ummm... yes, uh hi. I'm Gage. Uhh Gage Wallis from err umm Southern Living... Uhh we're doing a umm piece on errmm towns making a emm comeback. And ummm we are focusing on eem people living ahhh emm in the ermm Victorian." Wren rolled her eyes in unision with her body as she got out of bed to answer the door.

"I said go away" Wren reached the door hoping it wouldn't make the annoying squeaking sound it did whenever she opened it, but it did, it always did.  And it just added to her headache.  "Listen, um, George was it? I have a really bad headache, which I think should be pretty obvious what with the bandage. So please leave." She began to close the door but just when she thought she was in the clear, Gage jammed his foot into the door.

"Its umm Gage, and I ermm don't mean to be disrespectful but I umm really gotta get this done. I've already ummm screwed up with err the umm makeup team I was ahh supposed to be ermm going around with. I umm already got yelled at errrr today. I emm have a boss who ermm is umm a little crazy."  He looked at her with sparkling green eyes. "Please don't let me get yelled at again. I'm not cut out for this pushy magazine job."  It was the only sure thing he had in the past 2 minutes of interaction

Wren flung the door open, "How about a glass of wine and we can salute to shit bosses." Wren slowly shuffled to the kitchen as Gage quickly entered afraid she would change her mind.  "Sit down, make yourself comfortable."  Wren walked into the living room and plopped on the couch handing Gage the glass of wine, she raised her bottle of ginger-ale. "Here's to bosses who make you work with a concussion," she looked at Gage, "and to the bosses who make you bother those concussed people." She sipped from the bottle, "So Gage, what can I do for you?"

"I umm just need to errr ask you some ahh questions." Wren leaned into him. Gage noticed her face turning green and suddnely heard the faint noise of her stomach churning.  "Go for it. Give me your worst. No questions about the bandage."

"Ummm what err made you emmm come live here?"
"Skip that one."
"Errr okayy... Umm what is the best thing, umm about life errmm... here?"
"I have lots of time to think. Next."
"Ummm well, ahh... Where do you work?"
"Down at Empire Offices. Gage you get one more question."
"Errr umm, what do you umm plan to errr do with your emmm future in this umm town?"
"Well Gage.  That's a good question, and I would love to answer it but I'm afraid I'm pregnant and I have to go throw up now.  Feel free to finish your wine and see yourself out."

And with that Wren shuffle-ran to the bathroom and shut the door.  Gage sat on the couch unknowing what to do, listening to the sounds of a lady he just met puking her guts out.

Friday, September 23, 2016

#1 Everything Salad

Wren struggled to open the door of the Victorian building, only managing to awkwardly jam her elbow into the long, gold door handles to pull it open. She was in a rush, so she didn't have time to enjoy the sunset and the unusual beautiful day, entering with a boost of her bags and a sigh. "Stupid new job, stupid new boss, stupid new deadlines." To her, it all seemed never ending.  Wren had only been in this unpleasant excuse for a city for two months and she was already questioning why she moved here.

Just after slipping through the doors, the bags to her groceries broke, spilling the contents of her latest trip onto the floor.  "Great. You couldn't have just held up until the fourth floor."   She thought to the bags while looking around at her freshly made everything salad.  Tomatoes squashed, apples bruised, and the non-fat Greek yogurt splattered all over the lobby floor. Plus she had gotten a spot of red wine on her brand new creme, suede booties. While examining the mess and how she would even begin to clean it up she heard it, the loud pop, then complete darkness.

"Spectacular.  How am I supposed to clean this up in the dark? I barely know where anything is in the light." she thought.  She started walking towards what she thought was the mess, but before she could even pick up the ripped paper bag, Wren was on the floor.  She slipped on her yogurt and the last thing she remembered was how much she didn't even like yogurt, wondering why she got blueberry flavor, and where the heck was the front desk guy.